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28 December 2009

A Fun Filled Day!

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During the holidays, my family and I visited the National Museum of Singapore to see one of the exhibitions, Quest For Immortality, The World Of Ancient Egypt. The admission was free since it was Christmas day. But I had to wait two long hours in order to get in. Luckily, I brought along my PSP so I had something to do during the two hours.

The exhibitions was very interesting as the museum displayed some dug up ancient pottery, sphinx statues, statues of Egyptian gods like Horus and Sekhmet, there were also some small statues sculpted in great detail. There were also a few mummy coffins, an alligator mummy and a cat mummy. There were even a few CT scans of the mummy coffins to show us the mummies inside.

After one and a half hours of viewing the exhibitions, we went to Plaza Singapura to have our dinner. When we finished our dinner, we went for a walk down Orchard Road. We walked from Plaza Singapura to Orchard MRT station to admire the Christmas decorations along the street, and also dropping by some shopping centres on our way. When we reached Orchard MRT station, it was approximately nine pm, and by the time we reach home, it was around ten thirty pm.

It was a fun-filled, enjoyable and exhausting day for me!

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