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26 December 2009

Let me share with you my experience in creating this blog

My experience in creating a blog is it can be fun and easy, even if it is the first time you do it.

It can be fun as you can select your own templates for your blog and you can also customize your own blog in any way you want. It is easy as the format of your blog is already arranged for you depending on what template you choose.

Blogging can be a part of learning as students might be able to post their homework on the blog and teachers can come to their blog to view their homework.


  1. Hi Yu Xiang

    You may also wish to explore adding other gadgets to enhance your blog :D

    So, have you used blog for learning in your primary school days?

  2. Okay, thanks for your suggestion, I will try it out.

    Nope, this is the first time that I am using one for learning.

  3. cecil.... haha interesting i am just wondering if you wanna link battle with me soon.... i just got all my chars to lvl 100 and completed all the shade impulse stories... lets battle sometime

  4. Okay, I will be looking forward to seeing you at school Jurvis! ^-^
    I must defeat you!!!^-^

    By the way, I only have 5 level hundred characters, and I was wondering if you had copied other peoples data onto your PSP (no offense, dude, just wondering) since all your characters are level 100.

    P.S. what is your favorite character, mine's Cecil.^-^