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27 December 2009

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This is the route from my house to SST. It takes approximately one hour for me to reach SST by public transport.

Google maps can help me plan my journey to school by showing me how much time do I need for travelling, such as estimating the time needed for me to take the train from Admiralty to Jurong East interchange,estimating how much time do i need to walk from Clementi MRT station to SST etc.

In my opinion, the information that Google maps provide and the routes that they recommend to us is quite accurate, because of the fact that I also took the same route to travel from my house to SST.But we must also not rely on the information that Google maps provide too much as sometimes, the time taken to take or wait for a bus might be longer than the time that Google maps estimated. The same can be said for taking or waiting for the MRT, walking from one place to the other (a person's walking speed may vary) etc. Sometimes, we might even end up at our destination more than ten minutes later than what google maps estimated.


  1. As you explore GoogleMaps, what other information/ features in GoogleMaps you think could be useful, too?

  2. In my opinion, the feature 'Get Directions' is very useful as you can plan your trip using that feature.You can plan how to get to your destination, which transport to take (if you are taking public transport), which roads to drive (by car) and how much time you need for travelling.

    The feature 'My Maps' is also very useful as you can place use it to show others what did you do on a trip/vacation. Literally, it is 'a picture in a thousand words'.