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04 January 2010

4 Jan: #4 Bridge Building Activity - Debrief (II) Personal Reflection

  • How do you feel about working in a team on the bridge building project?
  • What do you think about your interactions with the members in your team?
  • What have you learnt about yourself in the course of the activity and what would you have done differently in future group activities?
  • Did you experience any fear(s), discomfort(s) and apprehension(s) working with this team? Why?
  • How do you overcome them?
1) I felt that working in a group is fun, and fresh new ideas kept on pouring in from various group members to improvise the bridge. Working in a group can also strengthen the bonds within the group. It can also teach the group members how to collaborate and also work together.

2) In my opinion, all of us interacted together very well as we combined all of our ideas to create the bridge. In the end, the bridge turned out to be strong and sturdy as a result of our teamwork.

3) I have learnt to accept everybody's ideas and also that if I did not accept their ideas, I must explain why I did not accept it.

4) I experienced some apprehension a few times because of not accepting some groupmate's ideas as i realized that their ideas were not good enough or too flimsy.

5) I overcame them by clearly explaining to them why their ideas were not accepted.

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