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10 January 2010

Detailed experience during Sarimbun orientation camp

Day 1

On seventh January, the whole school went for a two days and one night camp at Sarimbun scouts campsite. When we arrived in school, the camp chief introduced us to our trainers (one for each class), then, we departed for the camp. When we arrived there, we was welcomed and briefed by the camp chief, Rio. After that, we checked into our dormitory (actually a classroom) and placed our bags there. Then, we reported back to our trainer.

Once we have reported back to our trainer, our trainer briefed us on the first activity of the day, which was to hunt the materials for making a flag and then make the flag.When we finished our flag ( our class name S1-09 painted on it), we went to the canteen for our lunch.

After finishing our lunch, our next activity was challenge valley, where each and every one of us climbed through a tunnel of about ten large tyres. It may sound easy but it is actually quite difficult. Our teamwork has enabled everybody to get to the other end of the tunnel safely. After the tyre tunnel activity, the next activity (also one of the activities in challenge valley) was to slide down a very high and long slide into a muddy pond. Being a thrill seeker, I was the first one to go. I put on my PFD (Personal Floatation Device) and climbed up the ladder where an instructor was waiting at the top. Then, I sat on a rubber rug which was placed at the top of the slide, then , the instructor pushed me down. It was quite exhilarating when I was going down the slide, also quite shocking when I splashed into the pool because the pool was quite cold and had a nasty taste. When everybody had a go at the slide (me and some other boys twice) except for one girl, we proceeded to our next activity.

Our next activity was to build a raft using only three long wooden sticks, three large tyres and some rope. When we finished building our raft, we need to convince the trainer for this activity to " buy" our raft and we also need to demonstrate to her that it really works. So three of our classmates get into the raft and paddled around the pool (nicknamed Milo pond) while the rest of us cheered them on. In the end, we managed to sell our raft to the trainer and can proceed to our next activity.

Our next activity was one of the most challenging and frightening activity in the camp. It was the Challenge Ropes Course. There were basically two types of challenges, one of them is the high elements and the other is the low elements. As the name suggests, the high elements are around three to four stories high while the low elements are only about two and a half metres high. I only tried one of the challenges but it was also the highest one. Since I was scared of heights, I was only the third one to try it. After attaching the carabiner, which was a metal loop with a screwed gate, and checking all my equipment, I started climbing up the rungs. Climbing up the rungs was quite hard as whenever you look down, you will feel dizzy. In the end, I crossed the bridge (which were actually tracks) by sitting down on the tracks and slowly advancing to the other side.

Four out of five persons in our group managed to get to at least half of the bridge and three managed to crossed it. Two of the people crossed the bridge by running across and one of them toppled of the bridge and had to be lowered down because the instructor on the ground couldn't pull the safety rope fast enough. Both of them crossed the bridge quickly and with confidence because of the fact that both of them had done it before. After everybody had tried at least one of the challenges, we were ready to change into fresh new clothes and shoes and have our dinner.

When we were leaving, the camp chief whom was watching us walked forward and told us that he had stolen our flag for not taking good care of it and we need to earn it back. All of us were surprised that he would do such a thing.

After changing into fresh new clothes and shoes, we reported to the canteen to have our dinner.

When the whole school had finished their dinner and washed up, we sat in the canteen and sing some songs and did some camp cheers. Then, we did a debrief as a class.

After the debrief, we gathered at the Challenge Ropes Course as a school to do our night hike. We need to place our left hand on the person in front of us's shoulder and place our hand on our shoulder to hold the hand of the person behind us. Then, we exited the camp through a small gate near the Challenge Ropes Course. Strangely, the night hike was one of the most memorable activity for me.

We walked on a small pathway and surrounding the pathway was lots of plants, trees, insects and animals. It was totally dark and we almost couldn't see a thing, so we have to rely on commands passed from the front and also the friend in front of us. We were also supposed to be quiet most of the time and listen to the sounds around us such as crickets chirping and frogs that were croaking. It was also quite creepy sometimes. Once, everyone had to step into an unavoidable mud puddle and it was quite unpleasant. Occasionally, we would stumble upon a few logs and large branches. When going down a slope, our shoes would dig deeply into the mud. When we exited the forest through another gate that is behind the boy's dormitories, we had almost been walking for an hour and we had also walked for two kilometres. During this hike, we had learnt a lot of things such as not to take our five senses for granted and use them correctly.

Then, we washed up (I washed my shoes) and went to sleep (12+ am).

Day 2

After breakfast, we did rock climbing. Rock climbing is not as easy as it seems and sometimes you might lose your footing. Then, we went to Challenge Ropes Course to try out abseiling ad the zip line.

On our way there, we saw camp chief Rio and we did the loudest cheer we had ever done to gain back our flag. We succeeded and promised each other that we would take even more care of the flag after this incident as this flag represents our class.

When we gathered at Challenge Ropes Course, we decided to do the zip line first.As usual, I was the first to try the zip line. At first, it looks scary, but after trying it out, it was actually quite fun and and also quit fast.

When everybody had had a go at the zip line, we went to try out abseiling. Abseiling is actually quite fun and exciting because you are walking horizontally down a wall.

Then, we went to the canteen to have our lunch.

After our lunch, we did some area cleaning and packed up our bags and assembled at the multi-purpose hall. Then, we had a telematch. At approximately six pm, we took a coach back to school. During these two days, it had been a fun, educational and tiring camp! ^-^


In my opinion, the class had shown quite a lot of teamwork. Teamwork was shown in almost every activity that we do. This camp had definitely strengthened class bonding and warmed everybody towards each other.

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